Green Beer

Green Beer

Green Beer

It won’t be long before lads and lasses will be raising their glasses in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. A long-held tradition on this special day is to indulge in a refreshing glass of green beer with family and friends.

As pretty as the Emerald Isle itself, this colorful drink will bring the luck-o’-the-Irish to those who imbibe. And sipping this vibrant drink from a classic mug like this one from Anchor Hocking is even better. Just stash the mugs in the freezer for at least an hour before serving for the ultimate in frosty goodness.

So go ahead and enjoy a bit of magic on this special day. After all, St. Patrick’s Day is a day when all are Irish—and this is always cause for celebration. Cheers!

(For a refreshing, nonalcoholic drink featuring the 40 shades of green, try this recipe for Limesicle Shakes. Enjoy!)

An Irish Toast

I drink to myself and one other
And may that one other be he
Who drinks to himself and one other
And may that one other be me!

Author unknown

(Adjust the amount of green food color drops to the size of mugs used.)

1 or 2 drops green food color
8 ounces beer

Place 1 or 2 drops food color in a frosty, 8-ounce glass; fill with beer. Sláinte!

Thanks to Anchor Hocking for providing drinkware

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